Lifestyle factors of diet, exercise, stress, faith, sleep, water, air and sunshine
all impact the health.

Through education, people can make lifestyle changes that will help them
gain and maintain optimal health.  

Detoxification of body, mind, spirit and environment are the base of
the healing process.  Our Guided Juice Fast Programs detox and
renourish the whole person, while educating them for continued

God is our strength and provision.  We have FAITH IN GRACE

Below: Disclosure regarding Unlicensed Health Care Providers and each
employee's service provided, experience & training.
Jeanette P. Cheney,
Health Educator

Wellness & Essential
Oils Consultations

Juice Fast Instructor
Seminar Instructor

Web Site
& Advertising
Wellness Education Center, LLC
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Wellness Education Center Staff

Jena Silva, CEM
Store Operations & Ordering

Susan Prilliman
Editing & Publishing

Jamey Willows
Fast Package Coordinator
Store & Admin. Assistant
Dr. Raish Assistant

Lori Brown
Fast Kitchen Coordinator
Dr. Raish Assistant
Essential Oils

Without you, we could not offer all we do.

“The State of Montana has not adopted any educational or training standards for individuals who provide unlicensed health
care services.  This disclosure is for informational purposed only.  Under Montana law, an individual who provides unlicensed
health care services may not provide a medical diagnosis or instruct or direct a person to discontinue a medically prescribed
treatment.  A client may seek, at any time, a medical diagnosis from a licensed health care provider who is qualified to make a

1.  The employees listed below are not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Montana as health care providers
2.  The nature of unlicensed health care services being provided is listed below.
3.  Degrees, training, experience, credentials or other qualifications that the individual has obtained with regard to unlicensed
health care services being provided is listed below.

Jeanette P. Cheney, Health Educator, CEM, Owner, Instructor and Lifestyle Consultant.
B.S. in Journalism, Minor in Physical Education (including courses in nutrition, anatomy, training & conditioning), University
of Maryland 1977.

Founded Wellness Ministry in 1998, providing lifestyle consultations and seminar instruction.  Attended 9-day HealthQuarters
Ministry Juice Fast  Education, Sept 1998. Ki Iki Jutsu – 1 week introductory course, May 1999, Orlando FL.  Certified
Health Educator, Hippocrates Health Institute, Nov. 1999. This 9-week, live-in training included introductions to living foods,
enzymes, physiology, herbs, reflexology, sound/music therapy, color therapy and massage.  Attended two seminars at Living
Foods Culinary Academy, West Palm Beach, FL.

Founded Wellness Education Center June 2001. Certified Educational Microscopist, 2003 Portland, OR.  As of Sept, 2013,
has taught 141 Guided Juice Fast groups with over 2,800 students.  Has provided over 1,000 private consultations.

Jena Silva, CEM, Bookkeeper, Ordering
Reflexology/Acupressure Massage, 100-hour course/apprenticeship with Bonnie Mickleson, Columbia Falls, in 1996. Certified
Psychotronic Analysis, Nov. 1997, 80 hours, Swan Valley School of Natural Health.  Has been making herbal tinctures since
1997. Has worked for WEC since July 2003. Certified Educational Microscopist, Nov. 2003, Portland, OR.

Jamey F. Willows, Juice Fast Coordinator, Wellness Store
Jamey has studied and reported on healthy living since 1993.  She studied Dr. Wallach, ND 1994-1996.  Jamey has vast
experience as a medical receptionist and assistant (Bridge Medical - Stephen Gordon N.D. from 8/99 to 7/06 and with William
Ferrill, MD until 1/07).  Growing us, Jamey's family owned a restaurant and retail store, so customer service was instilled at a
young age.  Jamey joined the WEC team in 4/07.

Susan Prilliman, Juice Fast Administration, Publications, Wellness Store
From 1981 through 2005, Susan has served as Executive Secretary, Office Manager, Sales Coordinator and Editor.  She has
been with WEC since October 2005.

Lori Brown, Juice Fast & Wellness Store Assistant
Lori is a business woman who owned a retail store in Kalispell for 20 years. She provides excellent customer service and
brings joy and love to co-workers and customers. Lori has participated in our Guided Juice Fast programs for 7 years.  She
has been working at WEC since June 2012.

Kim Fedderley, M.S Holistic Nutrition, Seminar Instructor
Kim has 15 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital and retail settings.  She graduated with Doctor of
Pharmacy from U. of Kentucky (1997).  Inspired by participation in the WEC Juice Fast program, she completed her Masters
in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health in Jan., 2011.  Mentored by Jeanetted Cheney, she established her
practice at WEC in fall 2011.
Paul R. Raish, N.D.
"Treating the Cause, Naturally"

Naturopathic Physician
for Adults & Children

Cranial Sacral Therapy


Kim Fedderly, Pharm D
Health & Wellness Educator

MS Holistic Nutrition

Wellness Consultations

Food Prep Classes

Juice Fast & Seminar

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